estates and liquidations


A Common, Crucial Mistake
Very frequently, people will dispose of items they don’t want before they realize how valuable those items are. They throw money away. We see this all the time. Don’t throw anything away until you meet with us.


Porcelain Doll Rescued!
“One day I arrived at a house to do an appraisal. I cringed when I saw a dumpster already parked in the driveway. The family had thrown away a valuable porcelain doll because the box it was in had a mouse nest. It’s a good thing we arrived when we did. We salvaged the doll. At auction, the doll sold for $750 for that family.”
– Patrick Soucy 


Valuable Collectibles Thrown Away
“A woman wanted to keep a dresser but not its contents. She threw away what she found in the drawers. She didn’t realize the old teddy bear and its custom-made clothes, along with a box of costume jewelry had value. We caught the mistake and the woman made well over $400 on those “throw-aways.”
– Patrick Soucy 


Dumpster Dig Nets $350
“A family cleaning out a relative’s home tossed an old rusty sign into the dumpster. When a Golden Gavel employee noticed it sticking out, he asked permission to sell it. Even with dents and rust, Golden Gavel sold that old sign for $350.”
– Patrick Soucy 


“What Are You Going To Do With All That Stuff?”

Personal Property Services

We know it’s overwhelming to empty out a house, settle an estate or rid yourself of items you no longer need. It’s also time consuming. Many people miss key details and ways to sell their unwanted possessions. Other people throw away valuable pieces. Still others sell items well below value. We work with hundreds of people every year to make things go smoothly and to raise as much money for them as possible through our weekly estate auctions. Let the experts at Golden Gavel Auctions help you earn top dollar for your estate items.

Professional Appraisal

Golden Gavel’s licensed appraisers will evaluate your personal property. As an added service, we can create a complete written appraisal report. You learn exactly what you have and what the fair market value or insurance value of each piece is.

Written Appraisals

Golden Gavel presents you with a full written report. Nothing is forgotten. Everything deemed appropriate is assigned a value based on our professional knowledge and years of experience selling everything from fine art to high end antiques to tag sale items.

Services For A Reasonable Fee

Whatever you want to consign to Golden Gavel can be picked up or delivered to our auction gallery. We’ll also help you distribute items to your family and friends, then donate less marketable items to non-profit organizations. We’ll even cart unsaleable items away and leave the estate "broom clean."

Safe, Secure, Climate-controlled Storage

Our employees handle every item with care. Your pieces will be stored in our safe, dry, climate-controlled facility in East Windsor, Connecticut.

You’ve Got Items To Sell – We Have Thousands of Buyers

At Golden Gavel Auctions, your items will be viewed by thousands of potential buyers. We attract collectors, e-bay entrepreneurs, antique experts and buyers of all kinds. The traffic at Golden Gavel, along with our promotions and our pricing expertise, means you will earn more money for your possessions. The exciting competitive bidding at our weekly auctions will attract top dollar.